suggestions lang po from your loyal player

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suggestions lang po from your loyal player

Post  jomel2008 on Fri Oct 10, 2008 4:20 am

i have so many suggestion for our server...

gusto ko kaxeng gumanda server natin....

isaisahin ko huh...


pwede mag lagay kayo NPC na merong MP3 player.... ung parang juke box...


lagyan nyo ng mga custom pet na MVP... then pag loyal na ung pet... gumagamit ng skill..

tulad ng...

ifrit [earthquake]
valk randgris [sonic blow]
belzeebob [earth's judgement]
fallen bishop hibram [earth's judgement]
orc lord [earth quake]
gloom under night [acid bomb]


in pvp...

gawin nyo na pag papasok ung isang char sa pvp room... ma do-doom muna tapos mabubuhay ulet pagka spawn sa loob ng pvp room.... mas maganda dba..?


sa WOE...

mag gawa kayo ng defend agit event....

for example..

ung sacred altar ung place ng defend agit..

ung guild na makaka defend dun ng 5 times [pinaka unang naka 5] un ang mananalo... then kayo n bhala sa price..


mag lagay kayo ng schedule sa kahit na anong event....

mas maganda kaxe kung alam ng mga players un...


mag lagay kayo ng option pag nag dodonate...

tanong nyo muna kung gustong gawing untradable or tradable ung i dodonate nilang item...

with this option... mapipigilan or mababawasan nating ung case ng hacks....

marami pa akong gustong i suggest... iicipin ko muna... sa ngayon iyan na muna ^^


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Re: suggestions lang po from your loyal player

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 10, 2008 5:07 am

This has already been thought up except for a pvp room that kills everyone inside each time a character enters it... hmm Smile...

1.) Die once.. YOu get a chance to be resurrected in the room
2.) Die a second time. You get warped out to savepoint.

-Theses rules are hardcoded. I'm not changing it nor up to the task atm.

About custom pets.. YES.. I will be releasing a few. Wink It's got skills and all that...BUT disabled in WOE only....

Furthermore... I am planning to restrict from WOE... CUSTOM ITEMS, GOD ITEMS, and MVP/BOSS CARD items.... that will make WOE a little more interesting, simple yet complicated.
-WOE agits will be up for economy and TB's will spawn Consumable Goodies...and
other questing items...
-Lastly the donator BOxes are Untradable. These are the packages the donators receive.
But the items they buy are tradable. ~ Smile They do have the option....
Anyhoo~... It's a high risk to make Donator points tradable. Since after all, it will be hard to track...

OK that's it for now CIAO.. COntinue to support ORacle... ROK ON GUYS Smile

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