alchemist homunculus battle

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alchemist homunculus battle

Post  carlock on Sun Sep 28, 2008 12:30 am

It would be nice to see an alchemist pet battle. the alchemist is not allowed to attack or use any skill (alchemist is silenced) but the homunculus is able to use its skills. one example is a lif batteling a flir.

its like a pokemon stadium. hehehe. it would be nice if the homunculus would be able to develop new skills (ex. lif can use priest skills)

here's how the battle is:

1. only alchemists and creators can join the battle
2. GM/s will teleport them in an area they want. (it must be a small map)
3. the alchemist is silenced but the homunculus could still use its skills
4. the GM/s will decide which 2 alchemist/s or creator/s will battle first
5. the two homunculus will battle until one dies.
6. GM/s could put any monsters, sanctuaries, fire walls, fire pillars, deluge, land protector, etc.....


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