To Donators and Investors

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To Donators and Investors

Post  Admin on Sat Jun 07, 2008 11:26 pm

[---To all interested Donators---]

Here is the Donation and Redemption Table:

Minimum 300 php or 10 USD
= 75, Mithril 50 ,and 50 pcs Eye of The Oracle Emblem

500 php or 12 USD
= 160, Mithril 50,and 50 pcs Eye of The Oracle Emblem

1000 php or 22 USD
= 330, Mithril 100,and 100 pcs Eye of The Oracle Emblem

1300 php or 30 USD
= 400, Mithril 200,and 200 pcs Eye of The Oracle Emblem

=== How to Donate ? ===
You can donate by either LBC or depositing in our Bank account.

LBC / mail:
mailing address: #318 Constitution St. Tanauan Leyte Philipines
send to: Pumanes Perry

Globe G-Cash:
Just type AMOUNT4-digit PIN and send to 288209167931840

Email below after you have donated to us.

[BDO]-Banco De Oro:
BDO account num:: 6018539041450275.
Send to : Ma. Editha N. Yap
Pls present a copy of Deposit slip. Confirmation through email attachment and or YM

Step 1.) After you have sent a Donation. Email me to ask for confirmation. Include in your email the following.

Account Name:
Valid (1) One Char Name you have:
Amount Donated:
Date donated:
How you sent your donation: (By bank deposit or LBC

-Note: Allow 1 or 2 days for confirmation. I will email you personaly for a confirmation -a must do. You will receive your points and other package related to your donations in-game. Ask me in-game if you have already received your confirmation email.

[---Email Address for Donators----------------------]
Pls Email

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