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Post  Jaijai on Thu Nov 06, 2008 5:20 am

Remove Special Characters COMPLETELY.
this would make gms, and normal players, pm each other easily. Well, I find it hard pming people using a laptop. I cant make special characters with it.

Have a single name format for GMs.
This could help newbies and old players alot. Well since gms have only one format name, they cant be impersonated easily. And one more thing, its hard to pm gms if they have special characters in their names. Might as well be something like GM Ajay or whatever gm name format.

Gms Be more active in forums.
yea we know not alot of players in oracle does forums, but still, gms should check forums daily. they wont know if there are any new suggestions, complaints, reports etc. from players unless they check the forums. especially AJAY.

Have more new events.
I think people are pretty tired of the usual GVG, PVP, LMS, RFYL, Monster Guessing, Hide and Seek, ETC ETC events. so lame, so easy, so boring. I have a suggestion. This is a creator event, somewhat like a cockfight, but homuns are fighting. or maybe a clown/gypsy event. first one to kill the enemy using tarrot card of fate(this skill only) will win, no kiels no expert rings. there. people suggest more events so it wont be boring in the server. Very Happy

there i shared a piece of my mind. I HOPE SOMEHOW AJAY WOULD READ THIS.

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